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I have come to the realization that I am not going to get any healthier without a conscious decision to change my ways. That probably sounds funny to most of you huh? Well I never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. That being said let me tell you a bit of my story and hopefully some of you can relate.

The Changes

I recently had a ton of life changes that came upon me all at once. First I made a conscious decision to stop using smokeless tobacco back in August of 2017, after about four years of using it. I quit way back in 2003…. Well I didn’t really quit back then… I was delievered from the devilish stuff by my Savior Jesus Christ. Unfortunately ten years later I once again took up the habit innocently or so I thought. My best friends Dad passed away and after the funeral he ask me to share a chew with him of his Fathers tobacco, now some of you may think this odd and I understand, however in the South it is common for the males to share occasions with some form of tobacco or alcohol. My friend and I had shared many occasions with his father and all while chewing his fathers favorite brand of chew. So on this day I did not want to hurt my friends feelings, and I figured one chew would not hurt anything. Yeah Right!!

Well four years later with my Saviors help I once again broke that nasty habit. I am 50 years young now and I didn’t want to continue in that unhealthy lifestyle. After stopping that habit I also decided to try and lose some weight, I am around 5’8″ and the 227 lbs I was carrying around was starting to cause problems. I chose to try a form of KETO that included Intermitant fasting as one of the chief components. I found a guy doing this online called Butter Bob. You can find all his videos here.¬†In his videos he shares a very compelling testimony of how he lost a ton of weight and regained his health through high fat-low carb eating.

The Diet

To my amazment it worked, I started loosing weight quickly and within a month I was down to 207 for a total of 20lbs lost! It was awesome and incredible. I was feeling great and eating once every 24 hours which for me was crazy amazing as much as I like to eat lol yet I was doing it and I felt great. Unfortunately I soon fell off the wagon and started eating unhealthy again while also trying to eat the high fat. This lead to a crazy run to the doctor visit.

The Doctor Visit

All of this culminated in an episode that changed everything about how I felt and lived! I had put all the weight back on and then some… Fortunately for me in this same time frame I had gotten a great job with stellar benefits, so one day after binge eating on lifesavers for a solid week to try and occupy my mouth because of tobacco withdrawls, I started having what I thought was TMJ issues and, to some extent they started that way, however the thing that forced me to run to the walk in clinic that day was this wierd preasure in my head that I could not deal with. It was like having a steel strap being tightened around my head kinda in line with my temples and traveling all the way back to where the skull and neck meet.

I explained to the nurse practitioner all the recent changes I had made and what I and WebMD thought it might be, which of course amused her a lot ūüėČ however she had other ideas about what was going on, for one they had taken my blood preasure when I first got there and it was like 158/95 so not great but not terrible either. She said she wanted to put me on a low dose of antibiotic because of some post nasal drip issues, but mostly she wanted me to check my blood preasure twice daily for a week and record it on a piece of paper that she gave me. She said bring this back in a week so she could see if medication was needed.

The Scary Weekend